Luxembourg 2018


Streetboard Session 2018, KOMMEN!
Skaten, Chillen, Session, Networken, Lernen, Feiern... Happy Family Style
Viele Streetboarder aus Chile, Argentinien, Großbritannien, Spanien, Frankreich, Deutschland... haben schon zugesagt.

Jam Session


D.O.W. 2015 Luxembourg - Worlds 17/18 Juli 2015


D.O.W Urban Festival in Luxembourg 17th – 19th July 2015

Die Mutter alle Streetboard Contests. Kostenlos Zelten, gute abwechslungsreiche Rampen und Parks, Konzerte, Party und tradizionell gutes Wetter :D

Diese Jahr mit der Streetboard Weltmeisterschaft 2015!!!

Vert und Miniramp kann jeder mitfahren, street invitation only oder mit einer Wildcard auf dem Event.


The 2015 World Streetboard Championships are hereby announced. Pack your boards into your suitcase, leave your winter clothes behind and grab your finest pair of sunglasses, this year’s contest will take place at the:

Having played host to a Streetboard contest for many years, it’s finally time to bring the crowds what they want, the best Streetboarders on the planet flipping and switching it up on Street (invite only), Vert and Mini to win the crown of World Champion.

Worlds Registration:

Registration is now open for the 2015 Streetboard World Championships.

If you wish to ride in Mini or Vert please go register at:

If you want to ride in more than one event please register for each separately.

Street is invite only. Every rider will have received an official invitation by now and a full list will be published right here on Streetboarder Magazine.

Entry fee will be 20€ per discipline which will be payable on arrival at DOW.

Free camping will be provided to all competitors and staff.

Tirol Tour 2015 - 14. Mai 2015


Innsbruck, Wörgl, Brixlegg, Kufstein... jay, sergi, josh, ole, tofu...confirmed!

LDN Calling - London - 1. Mai 2015


'London calling to the faraway towns''.

London, one of the most influencial cities in Streetboarding history is calling all Streetboarders of the world to come to this great city. From May 1st - 4th we will be hosting 'LDN CALLING', an event designed to bring streetboarding back to its roots. 4 days of just hangin' out with the crew like the good old days. Sick spots, parks and parties with the homies.

More details to follow but in the meantime, get your flights booked. Sergi Nicolas, Eduard Wojcik and Max Anderson are already confirmed.

Worlds 2014 Riga


Worlds 2014 are located in Riga 
Facebookevent and more informations soon,
book your flights, its on!!!

Backyard Streetboard Session


Backyard Streetboard Session 

Wir treffen uns Freitag Nachmittag 18.Januar.2013 in der neuen Halle u.a. mit Sergi Nicolas, Gotthard Pilsner, Eddie Z.W. und vielen mehr. Be there or be square!